by Laverne

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Vocals and guitar: Cory Clifford
Guitar: Ed McMenamin
Bass: Mike Santana
Drums: Sam Brown


released March 18, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Vettraino at Public House Sound Recordings, Chicago, IL.

Art by Kawtar and Andrew Fortnum



all rights reserved


Laverne Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: A Sad Sad Chap
What does it boil down to?
Let me know soon cause I've got a crush on Molly Rankin
I've been thinkin' about leavin'
This whole world behind
My eyes

And I'm crazy
I'm a bit lazy
Things are hazy and I'm dumber than you'd think
And slowly
Thou is less holy
I've been feeling lowly
As i continue to drink

What's on the other side of life
A sliced banana that's rotted nicely
Precisely what you'd expect
Oh I'm a trainwreck
Waiting to happen
Track Name: Needs That I Need
I am the vine
Without its trellis
I promise you that I'm
Not trying to make you jealous

Oh and apropos
There are needs that I need
That I don't want you to know
So here we go
There's a moon on the rise, where the look in your eyes no longer affects my soul

I am the broken glass
That shines like diamonds
I'm climbin' out of this hole
How stereotypical
Track Name: Lust
She looked into my eyes like I had the appeal of a foreigner
And I got chills when I whispered her name
The neighbors below are sleeping while tree branches sway
And despite our neighborliness
We made lots of noise anyway

This is lust
This is a labor of lust
This is the nite that we became our true selves

Tossing and turning each other like barrels on a dock
This cataclysmic event conjured up a roar
The neighbors below are brooming the celing
But we were so lost, so lost in the feeling

So lost
In the feeling
We could hear drywall fall but we were so lost in the feeling
So lost
In the feeling
For a moment we stopped when we heard the door knock knock knock
Track Name: Monster of Love
I've got such a large palette for love
But my heart is much too small
I can't stomach big love at all

The computer is your alibi
For temptation's call
I can't stomach big love at all

I've been eaten by the monster of love again
I've seen the illusion of seein' clearly through a cracked lense
I've been eaten by the monster of love again and again
I'm my best wingman and my worst friend

I've lost out on a year of my life
A year of loneliness
Yet those memories stick out the best

The pain, the strife, the uncertainty, the nascent bitterness
Those memories stick out the best
Track Name: 21st Century
Thinking about who's gonna die next in a fairly casual way
Saving any signs of emotion til we get to that day
I heard someone was hit by a train
I heard the old mayor has died
Yet I can't help but hinder the helping hand that I hold inside

Apathy is easy
Apathy is love
We're livin' in the 21st Century with no skies above

A man with a hook for his hand gets sneers and teenage laughs
We'll see how those pirates smirk when they're old and their lungs collapse
Layin' with the women you love while the ones you hate devour your mind
Them's the modern qualms that complicate the mechanical human kind

Or call it a day
Beseech the ones you reach
Or tell them 'go away'
Apathy will eat your heart and stay
And apathy's the modern loving way
Track Name: This World
Now when I think about the things that fall on deaf ears

For years I've been a poor blind boy but now I see this world for what it is

Kick me like the mule that guides me. How daft of me to say a lot with nothing

It's cruel
So cruel
How beautifully scary it all can be

Now when I wake up the torso rise is so much lighter
Track Name: Tenterhooks
Go ahead and jump on your motorbike
Watch the seasons fly by quicker than you want

We love living on McCarey street
The mint that grows alongside the grass in the cracks of the pavement tastes sweet then the feeling is gone

For a long time I've waited for you
For a long time we've all waited for you
On tenterhooks

Go ahead and lead with your chin
Believe in verbose declarin', it'll get you where you want

We love living near the footsteps of Rome
The man on the fiddle plays hot but he's cold as stone
And the feeling is gone
The feeling's been gone
Track Name: Buttons
The past is a foreign country
They do things differently there
I look At old photos
And notice a sullen stare

A bushel of maudlin memories
Kept in a plastic jar
Pulled when there's nothing to look towards
When you're not going very far

Unique sadness
Unique hurt
Builds and builds til it breaks the buttons on your shirt

The future is waking up in different rooms
Shaped by oblong fear
The rear of the house has cracks in it
That only appear when you're near

A vase of dead flowers
That I'd picked for you
Pulled from a field filled with them
Where the sky's azure blue